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13-Oct-2017 02:53

After Weaver was sworn in as a Canadian citizen in June 2009, they changed training locations to be in a more competitive environment.

Working with coaches Pasquale Camerlengo and Angelika Krylova in the Detroit area, they became stronger technically.

In 2014-15, they won every event they entered until the world championships.

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Bobrova & Soloviev certainly wont dominate as you hope either though. It will either be I&K dominance or nobody dominating and the GPF and worlds probably won by a different team (1 of which could be W&P). And there's a difference between 'I think' and 'I hope'. They have shined in that department the last 3 years.People should be glad most of our teams have good relationships with their partners because it's not the case with some of the partnerships in other countries. I take their word for it unless they tell us differently. They've said they aren't and it's been posted here several times.