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Yet the theater is one of the few vestiges of what was once a large Jewish community in Romania, and one of the few professional Yiddish-language theaters left in Europe. Housed in the magnificently preserved Great Synagogue (1850) in the city's historically Jewish neighborhood, this museum traces the history of Romania's Jewish population. Ruined 40 years later by the Iron Guard, a nationalistic Fascist organization of the time, it was restored in 1951 with the support of Romania's Jewish community.

Bucharest is home to one of the oldest and most important Jewish communities in Romania. Around the beginning of the 17th century, during the Cossack uprising, the first Ashkenazi Jews came from Ukraine and Poland. The displays include a collection of books written, published, illustrated or translated by Romanian Jews; a small collection of paintings of and by Romanian Jews (many of the same artists' works hang in the National Museum of Art) and memorabilia from Jewish theaters, including the State Jewish Theater. Tache Ionescu 9 In a busy side street heading toward Piata Amzei from Magheru Bulevard stands the only other active synagogue in the city. Cluj has three Jewish cemeteries, located on Badescu, Turzii, and Somului strets. Tipografiei 25 Telephone: (264) 596.600 Only one of the two remaining synagogues is still in use in this little Moldovan town where Jews from Poland settled in the 17th century.

By 1832, ten holy houses had been established, their number increasing significantly before the end of the century. Today, the small remaining community is served by the only standing synagogue, the Great Synagogue, built in the 19th century on the site of the town's first synagogue from 1792. The newer one, with tombs dating from the 19th century, is located at the end of Brosteni Street, not far from the town center.

Almost every one had its own Rabbi and cult performers. The older cemetery, established in the 18th century and closed down during the 19th century, is located on nearby Victoriei Street. Barbulescu 5 Telephone: (230) 540.090 For more information please visit: the 19th century, Iasi was one of the great Eastern European centers of Jewish learning, famous for its scholarly rabbis, intellectuals and skilled craftsmen, as well as for its Jewish schools, hospitals, publications and various organizations.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Polish Jewish merchants set up storehouses, trading posts, and eventually, permanent settlements.

During the region's domination by the Turks, the Romanian Jewish Community evolved into a prosperous middle class.

Fewer than 300 Jews remain today in the city, served by a retirement home, a youth club and a kosher canteen. The largest is the Neolog Neolog Synagogue Address: Str. The Jewish Community of Brasov was officially founded 19 years later, followed by the first Jewish school in 1864 and the building of the Synagogue (address: Str. The Jewish population of Brasov expanded rapidly to 1,280 people in 1910 and 4,000 in 1940.A monument to the victims of the 1941 pogrom stands outside the Great Synagogue. Sinagogilor 7 The Great Synagogue of Iasi, currently undergoing renovations, is the oldest surviving Jewish prayer house in Romania and the second oldest synagogue in Europe.

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