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NOTE: IDS V97 is compatible with Ford VCMII scanner SP177-1, SP177-C, SP177-C1 and SP177-C2. Software version: IDS V97.1 Operating system: Windows XP/ Windows 7 on VMware (recommended) Free download Ford IDS V97.1 software Have old V81, V91 IDS installed 1) First install C81 Calibration files and then V86 IDS 2) Then install V91 IDS, if the software displays 3 day trial prompt, then continue to install IDS V96, otherwise quit software installation and change another laptop to re-install software 3) After well install V96 IDS, install IDS V97 software 4) Update VCM2 firmware (following instructions below) 2.

You can download form the link directly or download from Thunder (enter URL to download directly), because the software is huge. Have IDS V96 installed If you already have VCM2 IDS V96 installed, then directly install V97 IDS and update VCM2 firmware. 1) Press the power button on VCM2 scan tool main unit 2) Long-press on the power button, connect VCM2 with power supply, wait for all 4 indicators turn on, then release the button. Restart computer when firmware update is completed.

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The Ford IDS is the only equipment that provides complete diagnostic coverage, including module programming and key programming of 1996 to current and future Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

check if IDS-91.01 is successfully installed or not Step 7. Connect VCM2 kit with vehicle to start diagnosing or programming Source: If you have wifi vcm2 clone and want to keep it, use the version you used Ford_VCM_II_Software_Setup_v2.1.119.3; if you have good quality vcm 2 none wifi version you can use v2.1.119.13 or you can use this version if you have wifi and don't bother about it .

Install the software for USB Serial Converter Step 10. Long-press on the power button, connect VCM2 with power supply, wait for all 4 indicators turn on, then release the button Step 3. Run IDS software, software will prompt to update firmware Step 5. Restart computer when firmware update is completed Step 7.

♦ The VCM 2007.7 DVD includes both IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) and PDS (Portable Diagnostic Software) tools.

VCM II FEATURES You must have a CFR pendant to enable the CFR functionality.

♦ Interface Devices- The interface devices that are used with this application are: 1) VCM Vehicle Communication Module This device provides all link based functionality including: Data logger, Self test, Service Functions, Module Configuration and Programming,etc.

2) VMM Vehicle Measurement Module This device provides the following functionality: Oscilloscope, Digital Multi-Meter, Ignition System Test, Fuel System Test, and SGM.

And the function is very stable at present, good quality now.

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Q: Can Ford VCM do power balance test for Ford models?

Diagnostic Tool Support from the top navigation menu for IDS license and product information.